McCarthy School of Dance Ltd
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Class uniform

We do not have a set uniform for class but most children do end up wearing dancewear. We have an excellent relationship with Swanson Sports on Clarkston Toll and have a recommended uniform list there, so if you did want to buy anything, they will guide you to the most useful items your child will require for exams and showtime. To begin with, we always advise to give your child 2-3 weeks at class to make sure they are going to enjoy it and settle in. At this time, something comfortable and safe to move around in (i.e. no loose-fitting trousers) is great. For example, tight leggings and a t-shirt with soft sandshoes/trainers is absolutely fine.

If your child is going to continue at class, the following items are recommended as regular class wear as they will be used at exams and showtime:

Infant/PreSchool Class                   P1-3                                   P4-7                                      Seniors

Black Leotard                                    Black Leotard                     Black Leotard               Black Lace Leotard

Red Circular Skirt                     Red  Circular Skirt              Black Leggings/Shorts   Black Leggings

Black Leggings                         Black Leggings                    Black Tap Shoes            Black Oxford Tap Shoes

Black Tap Shoes                       Black Tap Shoes                  Tan Jazz Shoes              Tan Jazz Shoes

Pink Ballet Shoes                     Pink Ballet Shoes                 Pink Ballet Shoes          Pink Ballet Shoes

                                              Small Red Poms                          Professional Poms           Professional Poms


We also have a range of McCarthy School of Dance branded hoodies, t-shirts, bags and water bottles. An order for these is placed twice a year.