Classes for Infant/PreSchool and P1-5 are held on Friday afternoon/evenings at Giffnock United Reformed Church.

Classes for P6/7 and Seniors and held on Friday evenings in Park Church, Giffnock.

Clarkston Classes 

Infant/Pre-School Class = Tap, Hip-Hop, Ballet

P1-3 Classes = Tap, Hip-Hop, Pom, Ballet

P4 -7 Classes = Tap, Hip-Hop, Pom and Modern 

Ballet is offered as a separate class from P4 upwards.

Highland is offered as a separate class from P2 upwards.

Senior Classes (S1+) are offered in all dance styles 

We offer classes in Tap, Ballet, Modern, Hip-Hop, Pom and Highland. Junior classes are offered as a combination class to allow students to experience a variety of dance styles. Senior classes are separated out into individual dance styles.

For information on current class times and to enquire about availability please email us: 

McCarthy School of Dance Ltd
Registered in Scotland SC620776

​                           ​​Giffnock Classes 

"I enjoy Pom and Ballet the best because Pom is working as a team and Ballet is very graceful. I have been going to McCarthy School of Dance since the first class and I have loved it ever since. The teachers are very caring and inspiring!"

Amy, P7

" I enjoy Tap and Hip-Hop the best because of the speed of the music and I like doing the fun warm ups too. I have attended McCarthy School of Dance since the very first day. Claire and Jenny are very kind and friendly!"

Katie, P5

All Clarkston classes are held at Williamwood Parish Church.

Classes for Infant/PreSchool and P1-3 are held on Saturday mornings. 

Classes for P4-7 are held on Saturday afternoons.

Classes for Seniors and held on Tuesday evenings.